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Welcome to Hexx

We are now closed.
Thanks for the fun times guys :D
Good luck in your new guilds

Kydel x



Ventrilo Payments    
If members would like to help with our payments towards Ventrilo it would be greatly appreciated. At the minute it stands at $9 each month which is approx £6 / 6.82 eur (Click here to use a currency convertor for your country)
We are going to try to change it to a 6 months or 12 months payment but we are not sure if we can just yet. This is here until that is sorted. You can add money to the account so that it is removed the following month. This would be a massive help for us guys.

 Click Here to help with payments using Paypal.

Other Guild News


*Kydel*, Jul 12, 10 1:32 PM.
Over the next two weeks we are making some big changes in the guild. It will involve every single member so you all need to be aware of what is happening.

We have recently kicked most of the social members that did not raid and got rid of the social rank. Everyone left over from that rank is now in "Raider" rank. However, this does not mean you have to raid twice a week anymore. We will have two raids in the calender for you to join. ICC 25 which is for all members of the guild, and ICC 10 for the Raider Rank. This will only be one day and is designed to get you geared up. You can take your alts to this if you wish. If enough of you want to, you can carry on this raid for longer in the week, as long as you can all decide on which days you want to go back. You will be able to take pugs if you need and someone from the group can add it to the calender (all Raiders can add to the calender).

A new rank "Core Raider" has been introduced. This will be for a permanent 10 man ICC group. We have been watching a few of you over the last few weeks and have chosen some of you to be in this rank. There are some gaps which need to be filled and they will be chosen over the next few weeks. We know which class and spec we want so if you are in that class you need to try to prove your self to get into this rank. The Core Raiders will go for guild progression. They will try to get the LK down and make the guild stronger so we can all potentially achieve much more.

Each week the 25 man ICC will be done by as many members who sign up and filled up with pugs. During that 25 man run, if you prove yourself better than a current member of the core 10 man group, you will replace them. This is only down to the GMs and Officers decision and we will decide by raid performance, attitude and Recount data. Anyone can be replaced and will be replaced if another member steps up and beats them. This whole decision is to make the guild get further. It is not about anyones personal progression. The better man will win. So if you want a spot in the core 10 man raid then you need to prove yourself in the 25 man raids.

We do know that some of you will not be happy with this decision but we feel this new route is what is best for the guild. If we get more guild progression and get higher geared we will then be able to get more members (much easier to recruit with better progress) and eventually we will have two definite 10 man groups running as well as a full 25 man guild run.

We have not looked at this lightly. Although we are still a casual raiding guild we have needed to take a hardcore attitude. Rule breaks will be taken very seriously and if you get into the core raider rank it does not make you safe. You are still expected to follow all rules and will lose your place if you do not.

If anyone has any questions please go to the forum for discussion etc. I will make a post in the Members Only section titled "Guild Changes" and we will answer any questions there as well as hear your ideas and thoughts.
The list of Core Raiders will also be in the forum.

All Raids Cancelled Until Wednesday

*Kydel*, Jul 10, 10 3:05 AM.
Hi guys,

An explanation for those of you who were not online last night, we have canceled all this weeks raids due to the World Cup Finals. We were just not getting enough sign ups and people were not turning up for things. There wouldn't be any point trying to squish any player into a raid for the sake of it so we have decided to have the week off.

You can pug any raid and don't worry about any guild runs until Wednesday.
PLease make sure you are signed up to the new weeks of raids from Wednesday. Normal service will resume :D

We want 2 groups going to ICC on Wednesday. Groups will be announced on here over the next few days.

Kydel x

Tonights ICC 10 07/07/10

*Kydel*, Jul 7, 10 6:31 AM.
Hey Guys!

Please don't expect to raid ICC 10 tonight. Although it would be nice we think it may be moved to Friday. I am warning you now so you don't all log on at 21.30 server time to get a disappointment. If you have signed up then please still turn up just incase it is possible to go ahead but as it stands there are not many signed up due to the world cup, holidays and internet problems. We currently do not have a full 10 man group signed up and I really do not see the point in just scrabbling a group together for the sake of it when we could have two decent groups together on friday.

I am currently compiling a list of members that I think should be in each particular group. The list will be put up in the forum once it's sorted. We are also getting rid of the Class Leader rank as it is somewhat redundant and also not used, we are bringing back the Raid Leader rank however. Let me know if you are interested in this rank.

As for tonight (since I've wandered off track) lets just say it will more than likely be moved to friday this week and RS canceled as ICC is still more important atm. RS may be moved to a different day in the week.

Lottery Draw Week Five

*Kydel*, Jul 5, 10 7:35 PM.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The fifth drawing in Hexx's lottery is now complete.

The winner of 990 gold was someone with number 32. And the winner is CLYK! Bloody GM's eh!

Congratulations =)

For those of you that did not win - - better luck next week =)

Lottery Winner Week 4

*Kydel*, Jun 26, 10 7:18 PM.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The fourth drawing in Hexx's lottery is now complete.

Number 48 was rolled and no-one won. Therefore, everyone will keep the numbers they have selected last week and are able to pick more if they want (if you had lost you would buy more right?) and the lottery will be rolled again next saturday with all the money in the pot (minus 10% for the guild bank)

Good Luck!

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